Match’em is the matching puzzle game for the whole family. 

Move the animals to form three or more in a row or a column.  You can move the animals by dragging them or tapping and exchanging neighboring animals.  Relax with Mommy? mode to score enough points to complete the level.  The Whatever and Ninja modes challenges you to keep scoring points while Match’em slowly takes them away.  Bad Monkey mode is the hardest mode – make a match on every square on the board before time runs out.  Every mode includes an option to Flush’em.  If you are down to one move, you can reset the board with the Flush’em button.

Match’em is hours of fun with:

  • Works with AndroidTM, iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®
  • Pixel perfect HD graphics for your high definition display
  • 40+ fun characters
  • 18 challenging levels
  • 3 different board sizes
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • 5 different environments
  • Voice feedback and celebrations
  • Fun power-ups, animations and sounds
  • Tons of bonuses
  • Background sounds for every environment
  • Automatic game saves
  • High scores tracking 
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